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Website Design

Website Design

Award winning website design in Cambridge.


Our website design experience and digital marketing skills, help our clients achieve the online presence they desire.


All of our websites are designed and built in house, whether it be a high-performing brochure, educational, consumer or corporate website. All our websites are fully responsive for an optimised experience across desktop, tablet and mobile. We always recommend our clients website is built using a user friendly content management systems, to empower you with full control over your website and content.




Website Design FAQs



Should my company be using a templated theme or go for a custom built solution?


Custom built all day long! Your website is a key part of your company’s brand and for most the first port of contact when potential clients are deciding to use your services, buy your product or invest in your future. Although a templated theme can seem like a safe and cost effective option, we would strongly recommend you avoid this route and here is why:


— A theme is always showcased with beautiful photography and quite often constructed by a designer or developer. To achieve a similar look and feel will involve a great deal of technical understanding and knowledge.


— A theme has been set up as a generic template, so there will be a limit on how much you can customise it to your company needs. There is also no guarantee that there isn’t another company out there that is using the same theme with the exact same look and feel as your website.


— Themes will often load slowly due to the amount of hidden code and functionality used.


— There are lots of themes that are free or available to buy. If a design agency is using a theme to build your site but selling you a custom built website – alarm bells should be ringing. Often if a design agency is using a theme for their own site the likelihood is that they will use one for you too.



Will my website be responsive or is there an additional charge?


Over 50% of websites are visited on mobile phones, so it is essential that your website works across all devices seamlessly. When designing and building a website, the way in which a website displays on a mobile is key, so in no circumstances should there be an added cost involved.



Who owns the website once it’s live?


Simply… you the client. Once the site is live and paid for in full you can do as you wish, including using a different design studio, transferring the hosting to another provider or changing the content of the site as you see fit. A design agency should never stop you doing any of these things.



What is the process involved with getting a site built?


To make sure that you are happy with your website when it launches, we would recommend that there are four key stages.


Meet — Whether it’s a face-to-face or virtual meeting we would always suggest this as a first stage. It is important that we have a real understanding of your requirements and what you see as the end goal for the site. This allows for the project to be approached in the right way and with no hidden elements. Also it’s key that the relationship between client and designer is open and meaningful from the start, so that all parties are on the same page moving forward.


Design — Based on the items discussed in the initial meeting, a minimum of two homepage design concepts will be presented to the client. The designs will showcase different ways in which content can be presented to help the flow of the website, while creating a clear understanding of the company and their services. Any feedback or changes the client may have can then be presented in a revised visual and once a design has been approved we can begin the build of the website. Any key templates could also be shown for approval before the build starts.


Build — The website would be built in a user friendly content management system, which has the functionality to allow you to easily add and edit the content when required. The site would be a clean slick user friendly website that would also establish a clear brand direction through look and feel and be responsive across all devices. All content would need to be supplied ready for going live. The website would be presented at certain points throughout the build and one week before launch, this is to allow any feedback or changes to the finer details of the site. Any changes to website functionality or site structure may affect the timeframe.


Launch — Once you are happy with the site, then a launch date can be set. We would manage all of the transfer and hosting requirements if necessary to insure that the final stage runs smoothly. We would also be able to provide training on how the website works from an editorial point of view. A new website can sometimes appear daunting at first look, so by taking you through all of the functionality of the site, we can help you understand and learn how to manage everything moving forward.



Will my site be secure?


All of our website have additional security added to them to prevent any potential threats plus an SSL certificate. The website CMS requires a certain level of maintenance by us in upgrading the software and keeping all of the plugins required up to date. If updates are not made then security of the site and also its performance may become effected. The website would also be backed up daily to an external cloud storage, just for peace of mind.






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