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Secret Parties — Luxury events & lifestyle brand

Secret Parties

Award winning luxury events & lifestyle brand.

— Website Design

If you’re looking for the ultimate party brunch, night out at the top of the world’s tallest building, or a pool party like no other, look no further than Secret Parties. Created in 2017, Secret Parties is a luxury events management company based in Dubai & known as one of the most dominant game players in the region.

Secret parties wanted us to create and develop a cutting edge website with a fully customised booking process and payment gateway, so that their guests could book their unique events and packages with ease. Although the website needed to focus on functionality it was still imperative that the website look and feel still kept that element of high-end appeal.

The admin dashboard would allow Secret Parties to manage all of their events and who has booked and paid, so it can be communicated with the venues. The admin dashboard would also allow them to view which events are fully booked, control spaces available depending on date and to up-sell events based on a booking.

“Design27’s ability to transform ideas into reality has been outstanding and they were always eager to deliver the best possible solution.”


Jay — Partner


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Website Design
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